About horizon7

Meeting your needs

horizon7 addresses the requirements of telecommunication operators, technology suppliers and financial institutions from a qualified and practical experience perspective. Using horizon7 allows you to benefit from a consultancy practice that provides deep and knowledgeable help to evaluate and improve operational efficiency or to evaluate the future needs of a business or technology.

A new and independent business, horizon7 brings together a team of operational and engineering graduates who have operated together for the last 20 years providing the same core activities in the same fields.

Worldwide presence

The team has provided consultancy delivering new technology implementation, operational support and business assessment in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Former Soviet Union. horizon7 has extensive experience in provisioning strategy and deployment solutions for both fixed and wireless operations. horizon7 can provide solutions across a broad range of technologies, across international boundaries and for both the B2C and B2B environments.

Our UK Headquarters is the focus of our administrative support but horizon7 also has ancillary operations in Cyprus and Romania. These international outposts help support our Middle East and central European business customers.

Confidence backed by experience

Our senior consultants have known each other and worked together, all over the world on many projects, for the last 20 years establishing working relationships that can only be developed through extensive time and individual understanding. Our consultants now come under the horizon7 banner to form a specialised group able to address the many needs of the financial, operational and technology industries. This blend of experience and understanding will ensure a dedicated team effort that delivers results and can operate to a premium when providing the support for our client's requirements.