Case Studies

Mobile networks

horizon7 consultants have had experience of managing and supporting mobile networks in the UK, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Holland and Belgium and of providing third party access to mobile networks in Russia. More Detail

Fixed networks

horizon7 consultants have been responsible for the design, build and operation of $Multi-Billion Fixed Networks. These systems have delivered interactive cable TV, broadband data and telecommunications services to both residential and business communities. Fixed Network locations throughout Europe, Africa and the former CIS countries have been attended by our consultants on behalf of horizon7 clients. More Detail

Fixed wireless networks

horizon7 consultants have launched and managed Fixed Wireless access systems in the following countries; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, Romania, France, Greece and the Baltic States of Latvia and Lithuania. In many of these operations the team have acquired operating licenses, raised funding, built networks and launched services. They have also continued to support the management of the businesses on an on going basis, ensuring continued development and growth for both the client and the business is achieved. More Detail