Technology Coverage

Technical exposure by horizon7 consultants, as a group and as individuals is as broad as it is deep, ensuring complete understanding and awareness for its clients and their operations.

Key technical understanding and engineering support has provided a number of major international businesses the means to effectively realise their technology objectives.

Our consultants have been responsible for achieving operational objectives across a diverse set of technical and specialised activities. It is with these differing demands for experience and understanding that horizon7 can fulfil, providing effective support and resource that can quickly address the demands of the business. horizon7 gives you the ability to define needs quickly and deploy processes and resources efficiently (or a combination of both) in any situation in a clear and focused manner ensuring that results are delivered.

horizon7 consultants have had management experience of the following key technology activities and a broad and current understanding of their utilisation throughout the telecommunications industry.



Fixed Broadband


Fixed Narrowband


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Standards Compliance

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Operations Strategy

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Maintenance Strategy

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Radio Planning

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Vendor Negotiations


Site & Field Surveys

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Facilities Planning

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Site Acquisition

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